Safety Management

A dynamic document management software solution for the easy, clearly arranged and time-saving digital administration of manuals and documents, e.g. of the QM and ISM departments.

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Searching for your documents and sending new safety forms are no longer your time problems. You get simple and fast access to all your QM and ISM documents. The full-text search function lets you find certain documents within seconds.

Reduce Bureaucracy

Search, find and update QM or any other documents within seconds - for everyone who has got access to them! This digital Safety Managment system makes loads of paper folders obsolete.

Usable from everywhere

You can use your QM-Manager in the office, on board, in a hotel, in your car ... it is reachable from every internet connection point.

Data security

symbolic shipping gives you the best security for the data transfer and will check your server and provider system. Your internal or external server can be used. No data leave the company.

Easy to use

The QM-Manager is very easy to use for everyone. You get a WYSIWYG editor like you know from your office software. Whole parts can be moved by drag & drop. After changes, the structure rearranges itself automatically.

Digital administration

Administrate as many manuals consisting of any amount of chapters as you want. Create new entries, edit, move or delete existing entries, attach any amount of files etc.