Crewing Management

The personnel relief plan solution warrants an always up-to-date status display of your company's deployment. It contains features like Key Performance Indicators, Career Development Paths and Promotion Procedures.

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Clearly arranged

The software is clearly arranged and coherent. It warrants an always up-to-date status display of your company`s deployment.

Reduce Bureaucracy

Growing administration effort gets highly reduced. The digital standardised online relief plan assures fast access to all relevant information and reduces bureaucracy.

Usable from everywhere

If desired, the web-based solution can be used from every internet connection point. It can be integrated to your intra- or extranet or used as stand alone system. It is your decision.

Data security

symbolic shipping gives you the best security for the data transfer and will check your server and provider system. Your internal or external server can be used. No data leave the company. The data can be secured by automatically backups.

Avoid mistakes

An online relief lets you plan your crew’s reliefs at one certain point that automatically shows overlaps and collisions. This helps you to avoid mistakes.

Additional features

The latest version offers additional features like Key Performance Indicators, Promotion Procedures and Career Development Paths.